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About Professional Wedding videography

When you're thinking hiring a videographer there are some things you might want to know. A professional videographer is not just about what equipment they use, it's more about the know-how. Anyone can go out and get a prosumer camcorder to record HD video, but automatic settings in a camcorder will only get you so far. Your videographer is well versed in recording weddings and will not be shooting in auto mode. If you know a little knowledge on manual setting, you already know that it is not to helpful to know just one or two of them. The video camera has its small version of AI and can adapt to optimal conditions fairly descent, but what about when they are not to descent. (Happens a lot at weddings, it's not a closed set with full control.)

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If you leave on something as small at auto-focus, which is very helpful even to professional videographers, it could come out with results that are not wanted. If you're at the altar in an outside wedding with some trees in the background. The AI of the camera will want to focus on the movement, opposed to the bride or groom that is relatively still. So if a small breeze comes by and moves that tree you will have a great shot of the tree but miss out on the ceremony. That's just one of the settings that should be controlled by your videographer. You have Shutter speed, DB or ISO, Iris, white balance, and event small things that don't change the look at the time but may when you go to put it on DVD. (Video format) Our staff has shot hundreds of videos and they are the editor of those videos as well. With being the videographer and editor they know what to shoot to get your video just the way you would want it.
We will record your special day with five full HD cameras to give you more unique perspectives and the best chance of a good shot. We will record your audio through a wireless mic and external recording sources if available. Aweyphotography will give you a highlight video with any package you customize. We light your reception with our led battery powered light from a high to not blind your guest and use sparingly to not kill the ambiance of the night. It is crucial to add lighting to the dimmer times of the night to keep away from adding DB or ISO. Not doing so will add a Static look to the footage.
When you're ready to receive the final product and schedule a time with our editor, you will get up to two hours of one on one to customize your product to your liking.

Official Photographers and Videographers for the  Desh Videsh MyShadi Bridal Expo.

Professional Wedding Videos

In addition to our professional wedding photography, we also offer packages of wedding videos  for which you will receive the following:

• 6 hours of video shooting services on the day of the wedding with 2 videographers and 5 cameras
• A 1080 x 1920 full HD 1 hour video on custom labeled Blue Ray disc.
• A 5 min highlight video
• Wireless mic and external recording device
•One on one with the editor for final tweaks
•Any additional hours $250 per hour

Package is customizable, please call for details.