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Wedding Engagement Sessions

Becoming more familiar and comfortable with your photographers is very important. If you never had a photographer directing you and getting closer than your normal snap shot photo, you may feel on edge or stressed. Let us help you get rid of this uncomfortable feeling so you have no surprises on your wedding day of what is going to go on. That is why we include a photo shoot for the bride and groom with every package we offer. It can also be used for creativity in your reception decor, party favors, or schedule it out far enough to use in your invitations.

How long is the Engagement Session?  The average session will take between one and two hours and will take place at the location of your choice. It is best to choice one place to use most of your time shooting, a posed to traveling.

What should I wear? Wear whatever you like, it's your shoot. Want to wear something fun, go for it. Have a theme? Great, let's match the scenery you choose or wear something that is you. If you're the type to wear a tie with a t-shirt or button ups every day, Do it. These are your photos to look back on or share with your guest for years to come. Bring a change of outfit or layer to give variety to your shoot.

Can we do something creative? By all means let's think outside of the box. You can use props, choose out of the norm locations, (anything short of skydiving is ok with me) boudoir shoot, or even trash the dress photography. If you want to bring an old neglected couch to an open field, bring some strong men with you.

Have not popped the question? Let us capture your once in a lifetime moment in still art. Lock that facial reaction in a photograph to look back on for the rest of your life. We will blend into the crowd and allow you to catch her off guard for that timeless photo that you will hang on your living room wall.