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About Awey Photography

Greg Huskin (1)
Greg Huskin

The visual arts are my passions. I have been photographing and filming all my life. I started out with small jobs for friends and families until I finally branched into creating my own company 20 years ago. Throughout that time, I have become adept in all types of visuals; not only for weddings, but also for other events and topics such as documenting "A day in the life of professionals", school plays, and videos for website. At the current moment, I am co-owner of Awey Photography with my wife Kristen. I train all photographers and videographers in our procedures so that you can get our signature photos, standing behind our photographers when they want to get creative with their own unique creativity.

Kristen Huskin

I am a visual storyteller that elevates wedding to a fine art with my iconic style. My passion for it all, sincere personality, sense of humor, and ability to get that great uncle to crack a smile. I was born and raised in Bloomington, IL. After graduating from high school, I moved to Florida where I obtained my Nursing Degree from Pinellas Technical School, but then realized, 3 years later, that the nursing field was not for me. So I went to the University of Tampa and got my Certification in Live Television Production. Thus began my love affair with the visual arts. I opened my studio and have been in business for 10 years. Weddings are my specialty but I shoot many other events as well, such as engagements, quinceañeras and sweet 16's (and yes, I am a notary public too).


Carlos Velez

I am what you would call a world traveler, lover of cultures and all things artsy. As a Marine and an Air Force brat, I have lived in Honduras, Italy, and Japan. After my enlistment, I moved to Puerto Rico where I lived for 11 years and obtained my B.A. in Communications with a core concentration in Photography. Why photography? Not only is it a passion for me, it runs in my blood! My grandfather was a photographer, and so he passed that love onto his kids who then passed it on to me. My wedding photography style can best be described as a fusion between fashion and natural style portraits, as well as the keen attention to detail to capture those special one-time moments.